International Society for the Study of Time  

Pursuing its mission to foster the interdisciplinary study of time, the ISST produces two peer-reviewed publications in association with Brill publishers:

The Study of Time is a 14-volume series of selected works from the 14 triennial conferences held by the society since its inception in 1966.

KronoScope: The Journal for the Study of Time is a professional semiannual journal accepting submissions from scholars studying time through their own original work.

There is no antidote against the opium of time.
quotebubble Sir Thomas Browne

Volume 14 Published
Origin and Futures: Time Inflected and Reflected (The Study of Time Volume XIV) has been published. Get yours Today!

KronoScope needs editor
KronoScope the Journal for the Study of Time is seeking new editors.

New Dues Payment Options
ISST now offers payment through PayPal

Looking back at Caen
Caen: Interim conference of the ISST - an overview after the fact by Dennis Costa