International Society for the Study of Time  

Call for Papers

Time and Change in China and the West

Beijing Normal University

June 20 – 22, 2014

Beijing, China

Co-organizers: School of Philosophy and Sociology at Beijing Normal University and the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST). 

Theme: The conference will create a vibrant exchange of ideas on the theme of time and change between scholars from China and the West.  The concept of change is central to Chinese philosophy, and is significant to many disciplines in Euro-American contexts.  Proposed contributions from any disciplinary or artistic perspective are welcome.

Format: A bilingual conference with 30-40 participants, 15-20 representing ISST and China each, with keynote speakers to be announced.  Accepted participants will submit papers by December 15, 2013, so that they can be translated and circulated before the conference.  The conference will feature panels of presenters representing Chinese and Western perspectives, who will be grouped together according to their themes.  Presenters will make brief statements regarding their papers and then discussions among panelists and with other conference attendees will follow.  The discussions will be facilitated by interpreters, who will translate the interventions as they occur.

Proposals: Proposals, approximately 300 words in length, are submitted to be electronically to the ISST. The deadline for submission is October15, 2013, with decisions communicated by October 21, 2013.

To submit proposals, go to the ISST website:

Travel and accommodations: Beijing Normal will arrange and provide some subvention for meals and accommodations.  Participants will provide their own transportation to Beijing.  

Publication: Conference presenters may submit their essays for consideration for publication in Kronoscope: Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Time (Brill).  Depending on the number of submissions that are accepted, the journal may devote a special issue on the subject of Time and Change in China and the West.  

Inquiries: Any questions about the conference may be directed to Paul Harris:

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