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Author Essay
Sabine Gross and Steve Ostovich
 Frederik Turner
"Time and Traction: Blazing the Trail"
Jo Alyson Parker
"The Chaotic Trace: Stoppard's Arcadia and the Emplotment of the Past"
Arkadiusz Misztal
"Beyond the Forensic Imagination: Time and Trace in Thomas Pynchon's Novels"
Helen Sills

"Time, Trace, and Movement in Stravinsky's Three Japanese Lyrics"

Orit Hilewicz
"Tracing Space in Time: Morton Feldman's Rothko Chapel"
Lasse C.A. Sonne "Traces of Viking-Age Temporal Organization"
Stephanie Nelson
"Time and Memory in the Odyssey and Ulysses"
Erica W. Magnus
"Time, Cognition, and Attic Performance: Tracing a New Approach to Theatre History's Vexing Question"
Peter Øhrstrøm and Thomas Plough
"A.N. Prior's Ideas on Keeping Track of Branching Time"
John S. Kafka "Psychoanalysis and the Temporal Trace'"
Carlos Montemayor
"Memory: Epistemic and Phenomenal Traces"
Michael Crawford
"Heredity in the Epigenetic Era: Are We Facing a Politics of Reproductive Obligations?"
Rosemary Huisman
"The Trace of Time in Judicial Reasoning: A Case of Conflicting Argument in the High Courd of Australia (Al-Kateb v. Godwin, 2004)"
 Raji C. Steineck "Time, Waste, and Enlightment, or: On Leaving no Trace"

Sabine Gross
Steve Ostovich

Publisher: Brill (Leiden)
                   Released: 2016
ISBN:          978-90-04-31562-4 (hardbook)
                    978-90-04-31572-3 (e-book)


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