International Society for the Study of Time  
Author Essay
Paul A. Harris, Arkadiusz Misztal, and Jo Alyson Parker
Raji C. Steineck
"President`s Address: Time in Variance"
Steve Ostovich
"Out of Plato`s Cave"
Lucia Cash Beare
"From the Biotemporal to the Ecotemporal in Atilio Caballero`s La ultima playa"
David Wood

"Founder`s Lecture: Is Time Out of Joint? Or at a New Threshold? Reflections on the Temporalitu of Climate Change"

Paul A. Harris
"Slow Time: The Suspension of a Tension"
Adam Barrows

"Temporal Otherness and the `Gifted Child` in Fiction"

Sue Scheibler
"The Seductive Quality of Variable Time in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"
Sonia Front
"In the Forest of Realities: Impossible Worlds in Film and Television Narratives"
Jo Alyson Parker and Thomas Weissert
"`Out of Repetition Comes Variation`: Varying Timelines, Invariant Time, and Dolore`s Glitch in Westworld"
Arkadiusz Misztal
"Time in Variance and Time`s Invariance in Richard McGuire`s Here'"
Vroni Ammann
"Variance in Time Morphologies in Production and Consumption of Incense in Medieval Japan"
David Harris-Birtill and Rose Harris-Birtill
"Understanding Computation Time: A Critical Discussion of Time as a Computational Performance Metric"
Raphaelle Costa de Beauregard
"`Variations of Narrative Temporalities in John Farrow`s 1948 Film The Big Clock"
Emily DiCarlo
"Transcending Temporal Variance: Time-Specificity, Long Distance Performance and the Intersubjective Site"
Martin Scheuregger
"Temporal Experience in George Benjamin`s Sudden Time"

Editors: Arkadiusz Misztal, Paul A. Harris, and Jo Alyson Parker

Publisher: Brill (Leiden)
                   Released: 2021
ISBN:          978-90-04-47016-3 (hardbook)
                    978-90-04-47017-0 (e-book)

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