International Society for the Study of Time  
Author Essay
Carlos Montemayor
Julian Barbour
"A New Theory of Time`s Arrows"
Rose Harris-Birtill
"Looking Down Time`s Telescope at Myself`: Reincarnation and Global Futures in David Mitchell`s Fictional Worlds" (Winner of the ISST New Scholar`s Prize)
Paul Harris, Katie Paterson and David Mitchell
"Archivists of the Future"
Raji C. Steineck

"Presidental Address: Should We Give Up `Time`?"

Carlos Montemayor
"Time as an Open Concept: A Response to Raji Steineck"
Peter A. Hancock

"Zero-Time Theory"

"Time`s Up: Clarifying Misunderstandings of Zero-Time Theory"

Frederick Turner
"Deconstructing the Zero Time Theory"
Jo Alyson Parker and Thomas Weissert
"Eternal Recursion, the Emergence of Metaconsciousness, and the Imperative for Closure"
Barry Wood
"Petrotemporality at Siccar Point: James Hutton`s Deep Time Narrative"
Margaret K. Devinney "Time`s Urgency Ritualized: The Centrality and Authority of Mayan Calendars'"
Daniela Tan
"Telling Time: Literary Rituals and Trauma"
Ileana da Silva and Marc Wolterbeek
"Sequence and Duration in Graphic Novels"
Sonia Front
"`There`s More Than One of Everything`: Time Complexity in Fringe"
Kerstin Cuhls
"Foresight and Urgency: The Discrepancy between Long-Term Thinking and Short-Term Decision Making"
Dennis Costa "`More Than Watchmen`: Dante on Urgency in Ritual"
Walter Schweidler "Time`s Redeeming Urgency"

Carlos Montemayor

Robert Daniel

Publisher: Brill (Leiden)
                   Released: 2019
ISBN:          978-90-04-40823-4 (hardbook)
                    978-90-04-40824-1 (e-book)

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