International Society for the Study of Time  

    Links to other societies with an interest in Time    


The Royal Society
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: The experience of time: neural mechanisms and the interplay of emotion, cognition and embodiment
The International Time Perspectives Network (TPN)
TPN aims to enhance and develop research interests and collaborations in the study of social and psychological time.
The Timing Research Forum
TRF is an open academic society for promoting multidisciplinary research on timing and time perception.
The Japanese Society for Time Studies
The Japanese Society for Time Studies is associated with the Research Institute for Time Studies in Yamaguchi
International Society for Philosophy of Time
SPoT is an interdisciplinary and international network for researches working on the Philosophy of time.
Institute of Futurology
Free-to-join, non-profit forum for discussing how to produce foreknowledge and better leverage future time as an asset
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zeitpolitik
A German academic society dedicated to the study of the politics of time; holds an annual conference and issues an e-magazine.
Temporal Belongings Research Network
The Temporal Belongings Network explores the interconnections between time and community. It collects together a wide range of resources including an extensive bibliography and audio recordings of pre