International Society for the Study of Time  
Update on conference planning

***July 2021: Update on conference planning***

Our general aim is to have an on-site conference with a high degree of personal attendance. Our habitual format of plenary presentations delivered over four days creates a sustained discussion among participants, and we want to retain as much of this as we can. We shall take a day off mid-conference and provide participants a choice of time-related excursions in the beautiful Yamaguchi area, the site of crucial events at various turning points in Japanese history.

We are aware that some of those willing to contribute and participate in the discussion will only be able to do so online, and we are currently working on a conference format that will accommodate for these needs. Since the situation is still quite fluid, we are also keeping the option open to postpone the conference for one year. A final decision in this regard will be taken in early February, when we and our partners at Yamaguchi University are confident to have a clear picture of the conditions awaiting us. We will keep you informed at each point of the way: a next update is planned for October, when we have reviewed proposals and worked out a conference format that includes options for online participation. It will be helpful for us if you can indicate your preferences (non-binding) when sending in your proposal.