International Society for the Study of Time  
KronoScope: New Managing Editor

KronoScope, the interdisciplinary, scholarly journal of the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST), published by Brill (Leiden/Boston), is now in its twenty-first year. In 2017, the ISST Council instituted a new editorial structure for KS with the creation of a rota of Special Editors for each issue devoted to a special topic. Appointment as Managing Editor of KronoScope / Journal for the Study of Time would be a notable addition to the curriculum of someone in the earlier or mid-stages of an academic career. (Below is an abbreviated description. The complete and detailed description has been circulated through the mailing list. If you have not received it, please contact the Executive Secretary and she shall be happy to send it to you directly.)

KS 22.2 or 23.1 will be the 2022 Conference issue, on ‘Time and Measure’. We shall need to have a new Managing Editor in place no later than June of 2022—first of all to do the job, at Yamaguchi, of spotting and encouraging quality submissions for that Conference issue.

Duties of the Managing Editor (ME): The Managing Editor through-edits copies of all accepted articles, maintaining contact with Authors during the editing process. The ME final-edits the entire issue, including covers and Time’s Books. He/she, working directly with our production editor at Brill, forwards the edited issue to Brill, and then reviews first-proofs.

Duties of the Special Editor (SE): The Special Editor solicits contributions (sometimes via a Cfp) and vets these (along with any unsolicited submissions), maintaining contact with Authors during the vetting process. The SE locates peer reviewers for submissions that seem solid; peer reviewers may, of course, specify re-writes. The SE then, in consultation with the Managing Editor, accepts or rejects.

Those interested in applying for the position of Managing Editor should send a letter, accompanied by a CV, to the Society’s Executive Secretary, Daniela Tan, at